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Topcon Horseman 970 Medium Format 6x9 Press Camera w/ 90mm f5.6 Lens -New Seals-

This is a super cool techinical press camera with a 6x9 film back and a standard 90mm f5.6 lens. It has the feel of a 4x5 press camera, but shoots 120 medium format film. You should look up some sample images from this camera, I think that you'll be impressed. The 6x9 format feels like giant 35mm and the bellows allow for close macro focusing.


This one is in excellent condition with light wear. The shutter speeds are accurate and the bellows are light tight and sharply pleated. The rangefinder is accurate.


The camera comes ready to shoot with the high quality Super Topcor 90mm f5.6 lens. The lens is in excellent condition with clean scratch free glass.


Our technician has replaced the light seals on the 6x9 back, a $75 value.


SKU: 220207-1


Returns: 30 days money back