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Canon 50mm f0.95 Dream Lens

The images from this lens live up to the hype. It is called the "Dream Lens" and it gives a very soft and smooth bokeh (and VERY narrow DOF). This lens is a standard (external) Canon rangefinder mount and has not been converted. There are adapters online for various mirrorless systems.



It is in beautiful condition. The glass has only the slightest haze (which I doubt that you would notice as the lens is already pretty low contrast). There are no scratches nor fungus.The aperture is smooth (but who is going to stop this lens down?) The aperture has slight oil that has no effect on the function of the lens.


It comes with an aftermarket front cap. We could not find a rear so we are using a generic rear cap to keep it safe (it stays on with a rubber band)


SKU: 220615-6


Returns: 30 days money back