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Fuji Fujica G690 BLP 6x9 MF Rangefinder w/ 100mm f3.5 Lens -New Seals-

This is a super cool medium format 6x9 rangefinder made by Fuji. There are other similar models with fixed lenses, I like this one in particular because of its ability to change lenses. The rangefinder has framelines for the 100mm lens (included) and the 150mm lens.


Medium format rangefinders are very cool and fun to use. Something like an RB67 was meant to be used on a tripod, the G690 is small, light, and shoots a larger format! 6x9 is also the same aspect ratio as 35mm film and shooting it feels a bit like shooting giant 35mm.



This one is in excellent condition with moderate wear. It shows signs of use but there are no major dents or damage. The rangefinder is accurate and everything works perfectly. There is a very small mark on the front side of the viewfinder window but it is not visible while in use.


The camera comes ready to shoot with the standard 100mm f3.5 lens. The lens is in clean condition with scratch free glass and no haze or fungus. Our technician has replaced the light seals on the camera, a $75 value.


Lens caps are included. This is a nice one.

SKU: 220325-7


Returns: 30 days money back