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Fuji Fujifilm GX680 III Medium Format SLR w/ Fujinon 125mm F5.6 WLVF 120 Back

This is a medium format studio camera from Fujifilm capturing 6x8 frames. This iteration is the latest and greatest; it was produced between 1998-2007 with the ability to add a mask for other 120 frame sizes as well as data recording capability with the corresponding film back. Much like a large format camera, this has an adjustable front standard, giving way to all movements at the lens axis. Lenses are secured on a lens board and, with the appropriate adaption, large format glass can be used with this camera!

This camera is in excellent working condition with little cosmetic wear. The shutter is strong and accurate. The bellows are clean and light tight. All LCDs are healthy and free of bleed. The motor drive is strong and operational. The lens glass is clean and scratch-free with an aperture that is dry and snappy. All movements are smooth and zero with ease.

This is a nice one!

SKU: 231018-22

Returns: 30 days money back