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KMZ Horizont Horizon Panoramic 35mm Swing Lens Camera w/ Filters & Grip -Cool-

Swing lens cameras are great. They give you a very wide panoramic view with no light fall off and corner to corner sharpness. The lens swings across the frame and provides even illumination and excellent image quality. Note that the shutter speed dial changes the width of the lens opening and not the speed of the rotation.

The Horizont panoramic camera is a funky, fun and super cool camera that you can't help but love. It has a sharp 28mm f2.8 lens, a nice bubble level in both the viewfinder and on top of the camera, and intuitive controls that make it easy to capture excellent panoramic shots.

This camera is well made, it was manufactured in the city of Krasnogorsk by a company that originally manufactured optics for military use and the build quality is superb. What I really like about this model is that the lens starts the exposure immediately, so you can shoot it handheld (other swing lens cameras make two rotations). If you want to shoot pano handheld like Jeff Bridges (and me) then this is what you need.

This camera is in beautiful condition with hardly any wear and works perfectly. The lens is clean and scratch-free and the exposure is even. The bubble level on the top of the camera has become opaque over time but the level is still visible. The viewfinder is bright and clear and the bubble level inside is in perfect condition.

The shutter is strong and accurate and the aperture control is smooth. This camera comes with the comfortable hand grip as well as a set of filters.

This is an awesome camera.

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