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Kowa R 50mm f1.8 Extremely Rare Wide Prime Lens for SER/SET-R /R2 -Clean-

Here's a hidden gem of the Kowa line, the 50mm f1.8.

The Kowa R primes perform well wide open, sharp but not clinical, low contrast, some barrel distortion on the wider lenses, beautiful pronounced flares, and soft pleasing bokeh. These lenses were born to shoot wide open, and they really shine on full frame cameras.

I couldn't find many examples of this lens online but I saw a few that were beautifully rehoused for cine.

This lens is in excellent condition and works perfectly. The glass is clean and scratch-free with no haze, fungus or other problems. The mechanical functions are smooth.

A front cap and the leather case are included.

SKU: 230131-15

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