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Leica Leitz M4-P Black 35mm Rangefinder Camera -Clean, Fresh YYE CLA-

If you can live without a meter then this is the M body to get, in my opinion.




It is more economical than the M6 and M7 and has everything that you need and and is better looking. I love the look of this camera, especially the Leitz engraving on the top. This camera also has framelines from the 28mm and 75mm lenses in addition to the standard 35mm, 50mm, 90mm, 135mm lines. Additionally, it has a modern hot shoe for flash photography (no more cable sync!). All in all it adds up to a very useful rangefinder system.


Compared to the earlier cameras, it has a synced hotshoe (much easier than using a pc cable), easier loading and rewinding and 35mm frame lines, all important features.


The camera comes in black chrome, the preferred Leica finish.


This camera is in very clean condition with no noticeable wear. It just came back from a full clean, lube and adjust by YYE and is working perfectly. The speeds are accurate, the rangefinder is clear and bright.


For sale is just the camera and body cap, no box or manual.


You will not find a better out of the box M4-P.


SKU: 220922-6


Returns: 30 days money back