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Leica Leitz M5 2 Lug Black 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body -Clean, No Meter-

Here is the beautiful Leica M5 two lug rangefinder, the last of the traditionally made Leicas. It is well built and feels very solid in the hand, the all metal construction is exceptionally robust and the attention to detail showcases a timelessly elegant design. I love the look of this camera, especially the Leitz engraving on the top.

The M5 is a unique camera that lends itself to all kinds of shooting, it has the biggest and most ccomfortable to use shutter speed dial of any M camera and was the first in the M series to feature coupled TTL metering.

This camera is in great condition with moderate cosmetic wear from normal use and works very well. The shutter is strong and accurate at all speeds. The rangefinder is bright, accurate and clear.

During our testing we found that the meter is not responding to changes in light with fresh batteries, you will need to use an external light meter (or your phone!) to get an accurate exposure. The shutter speed display inside of the finder is slightly mis-aligned by about a half stop. It is still very usable and displays a majority of the selected speed inside of the finder's information window, but the top of the number is slightly out of focus. This is only cosmetic and does not affect the performance of the camera.

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