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Leica Leitz Tele-Elmar 135mm f4 Telephoto Portrait Lens for M Mount -Clean-

This is an excellent headshot and portrait lens for Leica M mount cameras. I've heard that most professional beauty shots are shot on a 135mm these days, even when the shot is wider than just a headshot. The photographer will be far away from the subject and take full body shots on a 135mm that have amazing spatial compression. If you shoot portraits, I encourage you to try the 135mm focal length.


This one is in excellent condition with light wear. The glass is clean and scratch-free with no haze, fungus or other problems. The focus and aperture are smooth.


There is a bit of wear around the filter ring but the threading is not damaged, it is minor and only cosmetic.


A front cap is included as well as the base for the plastic bubble that the lens would have originally came in.


SKU: 221031-11


Returns: 30 days money back