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Leica M3 SS Chrome 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body -Fresh YYE CLA-

Here is a nice M3 single stroke. I have been using a lot of Leica lately and I keep coming back to the M3. I actually think the ergonomics are better than the later cameras and you cannot get away from the classic look. The shutter speed dial is easier to use than the M6 and M7 and the film advance feels better. The back door also locks into place on its own unlike the other M models that use the bottom plate to secure the door.


This camera is in good condition with moderate wear. It just came back from a full CLA from Youxin Ye and everything works perfectly. The speeds are accurate. The rangefinder is bright, contrasty and accurate. There are two small dents on the top plate (see photos) but they are minor and only cosmetic, they do not affect the function of the camera.


A body cap is included.


SKU: 220824-18


Returns: 30 days money back