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Linhof Super Technika III Medium Format 6x9 w/ 105mm f/3.5 Xenar Lens -Read-

This is a Super Technika III in beautiful condition. The movements are all smooth and lock tightly, the rangefinder works and the bellows are light tight and nicely pleated. If you move the lens to registration points then you can focus with the rangefinder. It comes with a 65-105mm finder mask. The 120 6x9 back and dark slide are included.

It comes with the standard 105mm f/3.5 lens. The glass has a couple of light cleaning marks on the front and rear element that do not impact image quality. Otherwise, the glass is clean with no haze or fungus. The shutter is strong and accurate.

The cam is included.

SKU: 230216-12

Returns: 30 days money back