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Nikon F Black Body w/ Rare 7.5mm f5.6 Fish Eye Nikkor Lens & Viewfinder -Cool-

Love the F. When the F originally came out it was a revelation in photography and quickly took over the 35mm professional world, unseating Leica and beginning the primacy of Japanese cameras. Technology may have overtaken the Nikon F, but this camera is still a great shooter and a living piece of history.

This camera comes ready to shoot with the super cool ultra wide 7.5mm f5.6 fisheye Nikkor. The fisheye viewfinder is included.

This is an excellent example of a classic camera with iconic accessories in perfect working order. This camera looks impressive with very light cosmetic wear. Most F's were used hard by professionals and often show much more wear than this one does.

The fisheye lens is clean and scratch free with no haze, fungus or other issues. The shutter is strong and accurate at all speeds.

All caps are included.

If you're looking for a fun and quirky piece of history to shoot on, this is the one you want.

SKU: 230501-18

Store: Boulder

Returns: 30 days money back