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Nikon F with Nikkor-H 50mm f2 Lens and Eye Level Finder -New Seals-

This is the Nikon F with the cool eyelevel finder. It was one of the early professional Nikon models and many show much more wear and tear than this one, which is in great shape. Be aware that it takes non-AI lenses.

The eye level finder makes the F system much smaller and easier to carry around with you! I also think that it looks better on the camera than the standard metered prism.

It comes ready to shoot with a nice Nikkor-H 50mm f2 lens.

This camera is in great condition with light wear and works perfectly. Note that there is a small line of degredation in the viewfinder, but it is minor and cannot be seen when in use. This does not affect framing or focus.

The shutter is strong and accurate at all speeds. The lens has clean, scratch-free glass with no haze or fungus. The focus is smooth and the aperture is dry and snappy.

Our technichian has replaced the light seals, a $75 value.

The lens cap is included. This is a nice one.

SKU: 230522-20

Returns: 30 days money back