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Nikon F2 Black 35mm Camera Body w/ 50mm f2 Lens -New Seals-

This is the Nikon F2 with the metered prism. It was one of the early professional Nikon models, and be aware that it takes non-AI lenses. One of my first 35mm cameras was an F2 handed down from my grandfather and it's still one of my favorite cameras to shoot on.

This one comes ready to shoot with a Nikkor-H 50mm f2 prime lens.

This one is in excellent condition with moderate cosmetic wear and works perfectly. The shutter and meter are accurate. There are a few small dents and a small engraving on the bottom plate but it is only cosmetic (see photos). Our technician has replaced the light seals, a $75 value. The battery compartment is clean and the mechanical functions are smooth. The lens is clean and scratch-free with no haze, fungus, nor other issues. The focus is smooth and the aperture is dry and snappy.

Batteries and a lens cap are included.

SKU: 240620-12

Store: Boulder

Returns: 30 days money back