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Nikon F3 35mm Film Camera with Better Non-HP Prism -Read, New Seals-

The F3 is one of my favorite cameras. It feels rock solid in your hand and really inspires confidence. We have lots of Nikon lenses so we can kit you out!


The early prism is better for people who do not wear glasses. The view it provides is bigger and the prism is more compact.


This camera is in good condition with moderate wear and a cool amount of brassing/silvering on the edges. The shutter and meter are accurate. The LCD screen with the settings/meter readout has a few spots that seem to always remain dark. This makes 30 look like 90 and 1/2 look sort of like a backwards 9. You can still see the shutter speed readout on the dial though and it does not affect the light meter. There is a small dent on the prism, but it is minor and only cosmetic. The focusing screen has some vignetting on two of the edges that is visible while in use but it does not affect framing or focusing and will not impact image quality. We have replaced the light seals, a $75 value.


Batteries and a body cap are included along with a cool vintage strap.


SKU: 221018-1


Returns: 30 days money back