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Nikon FE-2 FE2 Chrome 35mm Camera with 50mm f1.8 AI-s Lens -Clean, New Seals-

Here is the FE-2, one of my favorite 1970's SLRs (when in my opinion photography was at its best so this is high praise). What makes this such an enduring classic? It looks great, works great, is simple and reliable and takes sixty years worth of Nikkor lenses. In a pinch you can even shoot it without batteries. The camera has a 1/4000s top shutter speed and 1/250s sync. The camera has great controls, some of the easiest to use and intuitive that I have experienced.

This camera works perfectly and is in clean condition. There are no dents nor significant wear. The shutter and meter are accurate. We have replaced the light seals, a $75 value. Batteries are included. It comes ready to shoot with the excellent E-Series 50mm f1.8 AI-s prime lens. The glass is clean and scratch-free with no haze, fungus, nor other issues. The focus is smooth and the aperture is dry and snappy.

Batteries and a lens cap are included. This is a nice one.


SKU: 240205-4

Returns: 30 days money back