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Nikon FM Chrome 35mm Camera w/ 50mm f1.8 AI-s Lens -Good Seals-

This is one of my all time favorite cameras. My first serious camera was an FM (not this one) and I took some of my favorite photos with it. It also survived several uncontrolled trips down ice covered stairs during Ithaca winters (Cornell University: clear the snow before it freezes!)


For those who do not know these cameras they are the zenith of classic manual focus design. They are surprisingly small, feel great in your hand and have a huge viewfinder, larger than the later HP designs (it is true!) and drastically larger than current digital cameras.


These cameras are perfect for people who know how to use a camera and prefer to set the controls directly rather than relying on automatic settings and menus and they are also the best way to learn photography.


This camera is in excellent condition with light wear. The shutter and meter are accurate and everything works perfectly. There are a few pieces of dust in the viewfinder but it does not affect the image quality. There is also a very small dent on the back on the camera but it is minor and does not affect the function of the camera. The light seals are in good condition.


The camera comes with the standard 50mm f1.8 Metal Bodied E Series lens. The lens has clean scratch-free glass and is in great condition.


The lens cap and battery are included.


SKU: 221004-20


Returns: 30 days money back