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Nikon Nikkor-Q 20cm 200mm f4 Photomic non-AI Lens -Bargain Glass, As is-

This is the Photomic (non-AI mount) and works only on older F, F2 and Nikkormats. It does not work on any digital without modification (but it great on mirrorless with an adapter). What is "Nikkor-Q?". "Q" is for "Quat" and means four elements.


This lens has a few condition issues. There is a moderate haze on an inner element along with a slight crazing of the coating which looks slightly like cracking ceramic glaze only much less severe, both may soften your images slightly. There also seems to be some slight play in the body of the lens, the focus ring and mount feel slightly loose.


Get a good deal on a nice lens! Caps are included.


SKU: 220712-17


Returns: 30 days money back