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Nikon Nikkor-S 35mm F2.8 Non-AI Wide Angle Lens

Here is the classic Nikkor 35mm F2.8 pre-Ai lens with cool vintage styling. Note that it does not fit any modern camera without an adapter.

What is a Nikkor-S? Back in the day Nikon had a system of letters for different numbers of elements in the lens. "S" is short for "Sept." which indicates seven elements.

It is in good condition with moderate wear and works perfectly. There is a small dent in the filter ring but it is still able to accept 52mm filters. There are also a couple of very light cleaning marks on the front element, but I can only see them with a bright flashlight, they won't impact image quality. Otherwise the glass is clean with no haze, fungus, or other issues. The focus is smooth and the aperture is dry and snappy.

Lens caps are included.

SKU: 231227-1

Returns: 30 days money back