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Nikon Nikkor-S 50mm F1.4 Non-AI Manual Focus Lens -Haze, Small Marks-

What is a Nikkor-S? Back in the day Nikon had a system of letters for different numbers of elements in the lens. "S" is short for "Sept." which indicates seven elements.


This lens is non-AI and fits old cameras like the F and F2. It will not work on any modern camera without an adapter, though it is great on mirrorless with cheaply available adapter tubes.


This one has a few fine marks on the front and rear element along with a slight haze to the front element that may soften your images slightly. Otherwise the lens works well, the focus and aperture are smooth.


Lens caps are included. Get a deal on a nice lens!


SKU: 221209-10


Returns: 30 days money back