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Nikon Rare Fisheye-Nikkor 7.5mm f5.6 Non-AI Fisheye Wide Lens w/ Viewfinder

This is a fairly rare fisheye lens in Nikon Non-AI mount for the F or F2. *Note that this lens CAN NOT be mounted without the mirror locked up. The rear element extends into the mirror's space and can cause damage if the mirror is not locked up. Since you can not use it in a typical SLR fashion, the lens comes with the paired 7.5mm viewfinder for framing.

It also has cool built in filters (since the front element extends out, typical of fisheye lenses. There is an L1A along with yellow Y48 and Y52, orange O56, and Red R60 for black and white photography.

This would be an excellent addition to a classic Nikon F or F2 kit. A lot of bands are shooting fisheye pictures again, and this would be the lens for it.

It is in good condition with moderate wear and works perfectly. There is a small amount of dust behind the front element that may become slightly visible when stopped down. Otherwise the glass is clean and scratch free with no haze or fungus. The mechanical functions are smooth.

The finder has a few small marks on the front element that are slightly visible while in use. It does not impact the usability of the finder however and can not impact image quality.

Front caps are included for the finder and lens. A rear cap has been made for the lens out of a film canister and a Nikon rear cap.

SKU: 231120-20

Returns: 30 days money back