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Olympus 35Rc 35 RC Rangefinder Camera w/ 42mm f2.8 Lens -New Seals-

This is an excellent little rangefinder that will get you into rangefinder shooting for a fraction of the cost of a Leica (and arguably with a lot less frustration).

The 35 RC is tiny for a full featured rangefinder shooting full frame 35mm. It would be an easy camera to take on vacation or carry with you day to day.

The camera is in good condition with moderate wear. There is a very slight dent above the advance lever, but it does not affect the function of the camera. There is a very slight haze around the edges of an inner element, but it is only on the edge and I can't see it without a flashlight, it won't affect your image quality. Otherwise the camera has clean scratch-free glass, a bright rangefinder and an accurate shutter and meter. We have replaced the light seals, a $75 value.

SKU: 220118-14


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