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Pentax 645 Medium Format Camera w/ 75mm f2.8 Lens & 120 Back

I have always had a soft spot for this camera. While it is less modular than the Mamiya 645, it has all of the features that you need built in, is smaller and has a great feel, including lens focusing that feel better than almost any camera model. The lenses are all-metal and hold their own with any system.


Built in light meter with auto exposure: aperture priority, shutter priority and Program


Motorized film advance


Two tripod sockets


Very smooth focusing


Bright finder view


Comes complete with 75mm f2.8 standard lens and converted 120 back. Ready to shoot!



This one is in excellent condition with light wear. The shutter and meter are accurate and everything works perfectly. The battery compartment is clean.


The lens is also in great shape, the glass is clean and scratch free with no haze or fungus and the focus has that Pentax smoothness. The aperture is dry and snappy.


A lens cap is included.


SKU: 221129-7

Returns: 30 days money back