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Polaroid SX-70 Chrome & Black Leather Camera -Restored by Retrospekt-

This is the original SX-70 and in my opinion the best version. It is metal with a leather cover and is really smart looking and solid. It is manual focus but the camera is easy to focus.


This camera was refurbished and restored by Retrospekt. It looks very clean and works perfectly. Their process involved


Deconstructing the camera to its base components


Verifying the form and function of each piece


Repairing and replacing pieces whenever necessary, but also retaining original pieces whenever reasonably possible


Cleaning all optical and viewing components including lenses and fresnels


Polishing exterior components


Applying new Italian leather replacement coverings


Packaging each camera in a specially made box


This is the SX-70 that you want.


Be aware that the only current film for this camera is from Impossible Project.


The camera comes in the Retrospekt box.


SKU: 220822-2


Returns: 30 days money back