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Soligor 350mm f5.6 M42 Screw Mount Telephoto Prime Lens -Read-

This is a high quality telephoto prime lens in M42 screw mount. It is relatively small and lightweight, this would be an excellent lens to carry with you when you need to keep your kit weight down. This lens has a preset aperture, meaning you set the aperture with one ring and engage it with another.


This one is in good condition with moderate wear. There is a tiny mark on the edge opf the front element but it is minor, it won't affect your image quality on a lens this long. Otherwise the glass is clean and scratch-free with no haze, fungus or other problems. There is a small amount of oil on the aperture blades but they open and close smoothly, it does not affect their function. The focus is smooth.


The tripod collar is included.


SKU: 220708-15


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