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Steky Model IIIA SubMiniature 16mm Camera w/ 25mm, Wide-Angle & 40mm Tele Lens

Here is a super interesting vintage subminiature camera by Steky. The Steky was a series of 16mm cameras introduced after WWII to offset the high costs of film and processing, and this little interchangable lens series is well loved for its cool stylings and super compact form factor. While most 16mm cameras were made as toys, the Steky is robust and well built, and the aperture still performs surprisingly well for its age.

This subminiature camera kit is in great condition with moderate cosmetic wear. The small leather ever-ready case is worn but the camera body itself is in good condition, and while the functions may not be entirely accurate, the aperture and shutter seem to be in good mechanical condition and fire when the shutter is released. The tele lens and wide angle attachment have both been kept in their original leather cases and are in great condition.

This would be an awesome kit for a collector, or a hobbyist looking to explore the world of subminiature cameras and 16mm film.

SKU: 230307-9

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