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Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex IA 854/16 Medium Format 6x6 TLR w/ Tessar 75mm f3.5 Lens

This is a super cool 6x6 TLR by Zeiss Ikon.

"The twin lens is obsolete...Who would want one?" I strongly disagree with that statement. Let me try to convince you

SLR cameras are certainly more useful for certain types of photography but the TLR has some important advantages that flow directly from its design. In an SLR there is a large and heavy mirror that has to move at high speed with every exposure. The mirror slows down response but more importantly it creates a strong slap that you can hear and feel, particularly in a medium format camera (this is the source of the Hasselblad "thunk.") The slap makes noise that can be objectionable, particularly if you are shooting weddings or strangers on the street. It also creates vibration that degrades your photos, even with a tripod.

In contrast, there is no mirror slap on the TLR. The shutter is very quite, nearly silent in a large room and there is greatly reduced vibration, which makes for sharper photos, particularly when hand-held or with long exposures.

In addition to the functional advantages, the TLR design has a charm not found in SLR designs. I find that people open up to a camera that they see as a charming oddity and this gets you better pictures.

This camera is in excellent condition with light wear and works perfectly. Each lens has a slight haze (typical of these) and the taking lens has a few very light cleaning marks, but they do not impact image quality. The shutter is strong and accurate at all speeds.

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