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Zenza Bronica ETRsi 6x4.5 MF Camera w/ 75mm f2.8 Lens 120 Back & Eyelevel Prism

This is the most compact 645 SLR made and one of the easiest to work with. It has leaf shutter lenses, so you can use flash at any speed.


Included is the ETRsi, the 75mm f2.8, a 120 film back, and the non-metered prism.



This one is in excellent condition with light wear and works perfectly. There are a few light scuffs on the focusing screen but they do not get in the way of framing or focus and they do not affect image quality.


Caps and a battery are included. The light seals are in good condition.


SKU: 220801-6

Returns: 30 days money back