About Us

Boulder native Joshua Cohen started Victory Camera in his Boulder apartment in 1999—the inventory fit in a small closet! At the time, Joshua could not afford the expensive (yet now, seemingly primitive) cameras available, so he shot pictures for the online store using film. The process was cumbersome (and involved many trips to the One Hour Lab), but the quality of Victory Camera’s photos set it apart from competitors. The business grew and Joshua opened a retail store in Lafayette in 2011 before moving to our current home in Boulder.

Here at Victory Camera, it is our belief that we are in a golden age of photography. For most, cell phones have taken the burden of practical and snapshot photography, leaving dedicated cameras to professionals and serious hobbyists. More and more, individuals pick up their cameras for the purpose of making art or appreciating a fine piece of equipment.

What’s more, high quality film cameras are plentiful and affordable. Many good cameras are under a hundred dollars, and even aspirational cameras are within reach for many.

Victory Camera has become a national leader in vintage camera retail. We have over twenty years of experience and deep knowledge of film and digital cameras. Our inventory of vintage cameras covers all of the major lines and a variety of budgets, and our main purpose is to help people enjoy photography, whatever their interests or level of experience may be.

Visit our showroom, call, or email—we would love to help you out!