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Film and Photo Resources

There is an endless amount of knowledge that one can gain about the art, technique, and mechanics of photography. Here are some of our favorite resources!

Butkus' Site for Digitized Camera Manuals - This can be a life-saving resource when you have a specific question about your camera, especially if it is an old model. 

35mmc - This is a great blog for interesting and philosophical articles about photography. 

Alex Luyckx Film Stock Reviews - This blog includes a wonderful inventory of detailed and interesting film and developer stock reviews for those who are looking to try something new.

Ken Rockwell's Page on Nikon Lens Compatibility - We get asked all the time whether a certain Nikon lens will work with a certain Nikon body, and understandably so! This is not simple stuff. Here is the page that we use when asked this question.

Ken Rockwell's Gear Reviews - This is a good place for anyone to start when thinking of investing in a new piece of equipment. Rockwell provides very detailed technical reviews of a wide variety of equipment.

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