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Candido Film 400C Color Film -36 exp.-


This new film is similar to our ISO400 but has a warmer rendition and slight grain. Thanks to its slightly higher ISO, this color film is built for bright sunsets, early sunrises and vibrant city and ocean shots!

It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use and gives you the right grainy look you picked up a film camera for, all without losing any quality or distorting the details of the moment you captured.

And since film is the new trend everyone is raving about, you can make all your social media profiles look 10X better with authentic, colorful, bright, and charming film photographs to give you the summer vibes you’re after.

It’s an accessory that can level up your film photography game, and an accessible film that can help anyone take photos they’re going to want to keep forever. Make your own stories, enjoy a new nostalgic look on your favorite spots in town, and savor each moment with the help of Candido color film!


    • ISO 400
    • 36 exposures
    • C-41 process


Returns: 30 days money back