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Canon 50mm f0.95 Dream Lens on Model 7 Camera Body -Clear Glass, Very Nice-

The images from this lens live up to the hype. It is called the "Dream Lens" and it gives a very soft and smooth bokeh (and VERY narrow DOF). This lens is a standard (external) Canon rangefinder mount and has not been converted. There are adapters online for various mirrorless systems.

The lens comes with the Model 7 camera. The camera is in good condition. The meter is not accurate, but the shutter and rangefinder work perfectly.

This lens is in beautiful condition. The glass is free of haze, scratches, and fungus with only slight dust. The aperture is smooth (but who is going to stop this lens down?) There is a very small amount of oil on the blades but it does not affect their function. The focus is smooth. It comes with the front cap.

A nice black ever ready case is included.

SKU: 230503-9

Returns: 30 days money back