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Contax IIIa 35mm Rangefinder Camera w/ 50mm f2 T Sonnar Lens -No Meter-

The Contax was considered the equal of the Leica M3 in its day. The lenses are comparable, the finish level is better and the rangefinder has a wider base so it is more accurate.


This camera is also a lot less money.


Contax naming is little confusing; "III" means it has a meter and "a" is the second generation so the "IIIa" is the second generation metered model.


This particular camera is a nice user IIIa. The biggest problems with Contax cameras is the shutters and this one is good. The blades are in good condition and it is strong and accurate at all speeds. The meter does not work.


The lens is in beautiful condition with no haze, fungus or scratches.


The rangefinder is accurate and bright.


A lens cap is included.


SKU: 221026-1

Returns: 30 days money back