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Hasselblad 1000F Early 6x6 Medium Format Camera w/ 80mm f2.8 12 Back -New Seals-

This is the 1000F (named after it's top shutter speed, 1/1000) an early 50's model Hasselblad with a focal plane shutter rather than a leaf shutter. I don't see many 1000F's, especially in good working order. This one looks excellent and works perfectly.

It comes ready to shoot with the Carl Zeiss 80mm f2.8 Tessar lens and a 12 exposure film back. All you need is film!

The camera is in excellent condition with light wear. The shutter is accurate and the mechanical functions are smooth. Our technician has replaced the light seals in the 12 exposure back, a $75 value.

The lens is clean and scratch free with no haze or fungus. There are a few pieces of dust inside, but they are minor and do not impact image quality. The focus and aperture are smooth. There is a tiny amount of oil on the aperture blades but it does not impact their function. Note that the lens has a preset aperture, meaning you set the aperture with one ring and engage it with another.

A lens cap and the dark slide are included.

This is a nice one.

SKU: 230725-15

Store: Boulder

Returns: 30 days money back