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Hasselblad 500c Chrome Camera w/ Rare Split Prism Grid Screen, 80mm, 12 Back -New Seals-

This is the Hasselblad 500c, one of the most coveted cameras ever made. Who cannot love a camera whose body is made from a single piece of steel?

This camera is a true classic of industrial design with an iconic design that has changed little since it was introduced over fifty years ago (though there has been extensive refinement and improvement).

This is the classic design C. It comes complete with the 80mm f2.8 C lens, the 12 exposure square back, the waist level finder, and the standard winder.

This one features a rare split prism grid focusing screen that makes for highly accurate and easy framing. I use a split image screen in my own Hasselblad and it makes a significant difference in the amount of my photos that are in perfect focus. The 500c focusing screen needs to be swapped out by a technician, so if you want the upgraded screen it's better to get a camera that already has one.

The camera is in beautiful condition with very light wear. Everything works perfectly, the shutter is strong and accurate, the winding is like butter and the lens has smooth focus and clean clear glass. Our technician has replaced the light seals on the 12-exposure film back, a $75 value. It has matching serial numbers and smooth mechanical operation.

The lens cap and dark slide are included.

This is the one you want.

 SKU: 230417-17

Store: Boulder

Returns: 30 days money back