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Paillard Bolex H16M 16mm Movie Camera w/ Som Berthiot 17-85mm f2

This is the Bolex H16, a super cool 16mm motion picture film camera. It is beautifully designed with a rotating lens mount for quick lens changes in the field.

The Bolex is a movie camera that does not need batteries, you wind it with a crank on the side. It also has a function to capture one frame at a time for stop-motion animation or for use as a stills camera.

This camera is in excellent condition with light wear. All of the speeds are working. There is some dust in the viewfinder but it's not in the way, it is still very easy to frame and focus. The zoom knob is aftermarket but works perfectly.

Included is the Som Berthiot 17-85mm f2 lens. It is also in excellent condition with light wear. The glass is clean and scratch free.

This is a nice one.

SKU: 230228-14

Store: Boulder

Returns: 30 days money back