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Voigtlander Vitessa T 35mm Camera w/ 50mm f2.8 Lens -As is, Bad Plunger-

I love Vitessas for their unique take on a 35mm rangefinder. Plunger film advance, why not.


This one has a few condition issues. The plunger does not lock in place (a common problem in these). It advances the film and cocks the shutter but it always returns to the upright position. The aperture has a small amount of oil on the blades but they open and close smoothly, their function is not affected. The rangefinder patch looks a bit strange, the contrast seems to be much less intense in the middle than it is on the edges. It is visible while in use but the rangefinder is still very useable. The shutter is strong and accurate at all speeds and the glass is clean and scratch free.


This is an as is sale.


SKU: 221027-15

Store: Boulder

Returns: 30 days money back