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Zeiss Hologon 15mm f8 Camera with Grip -Mint in Case-

This is a fascinating camera.

It is built around the weird and wonderful Hologon 15mm lens, a unique three element design with a barbell shaped element in the center that prevents the lens from having an adjustable aperture. It is fixed focus and your only exposure control is shutter speed.

Why would you put up with this?

The lens has incredible rendering with no visible distortion. Also, since it is a triplet, it has far fewer air glass surfaces than other ultrawides and has better color and contrast.

I have shot with a different version of this lens and have been very impressed with the image quality.

This camera is in mint condition in the case with the lens cap and appears to be used little if at all. The glass is clean and scratch-free and the shutter is accurate.

Note that the cable release is missing so you cannnot use the trigger on the grip.

Personally, I would not bother with the grip; I would hold the camera from the top and bottom Jeff Bridges style.

SKU: 240324-10

Store: Boulder

Returns: 30 days money back